This 20-hour self-directed course based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks: English as a Second Language for Adult Literacy Learners (CLB: ESL for ALL) was developed in collaboration with Bow Valley College. It will support instructors working with learners with literacy needs in a variety of classroom settings by:

  • familiarizing participants with the contents of the CLB: ESL for ALL document
  • offering suggestions on ways to use the resource to support planning for instruction
  • providing strategies, teaching tips and best practices for working with ESL literacy learners

If you were enrolled in the previous version of this course and you would like to continue the work you already started, please click here.

This is a 4-hour online self-study training course based on the CLB: ESL for ALL Support Kit. The purpose of this training is to help seasoned and new ESL literacy instructors who teach in CLB-based ESL literacy programs become familiar with the various sections of the Support Kit and to highlight the use of different resources included in the Kit.

This presentation describes some strategies and provides examples of needs assessment, goal-setting and learning reflections to help new and experienced instructors and volunteers working with ESL Literacy learners in a PBLA context.

The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate the complexity of a CLB task from an ESL Literacy learner’s perspective and describe strategies of deconstructing the task based on the Continuum of Literacy Skills. Instructors will become familiar with:

  • The process of deconstructing a CLB task informed by the Continuum of Literacy Skills
  • Embedded numeracy in Reading and Writing tasks
  • Assessment strategies to support ESL Literacy learners in a PBLA classroom.